Weekend recap…….

I had a good weekend. Of course in my opinion it was too dang on short. I could have used a few extra hours Saturday as well as yesterday.

At any rate, I finally saw Tyler’s new movie…….I thought it was good. I’m surprised at Sanaa’s character; she was really mean and evil. Yeah she could have been worse, but she was wrong on so many levels it made no sense. I simply loved the relationship between Kathy Bates and Alfre Woodard, it made me want to call and reconnect with some friends. And I hear his movie pulled in another 7.5 million and is at number 6 on this weekend’s box office list.

Friday after the movie, I had to get home and get to cleaning, since service people were coming thru the next day. I didn’t get to bed until 1:30 am. And then I was backup by 7:30. So the service people came and was there until about 12:15 or so. I finally left the house about 1 and made my way up to Hagerstown. But I called and was told to just come thru and then we’d all hit the mall together.

When I arrived they were all into some Sci-Fi movie. It was abit creepy. This evil guy was haunting a town and had killed two people and wanted one of the children. The evil guy gave the townspeople the option of all dying or give up one of the eight children for him to raise. The townspeople met and decided to give up of the kids. And how they decided was by a bag of marbles. There were 7 white marbles and one black marble and one parent for each child had to reach in and grab a marble. At any rate the one guy who protested giving in to the demands lost his son. He later left the town. Some years later he wound up seeing his son again he had been turned into a vampire……..it was totally creepy.

The girls and I got into a big debate about it. In my opinion, they should have given up a child. I think parents should be willing to die for their children, and I’d die before I handed my child over to some evil wicked man to rise. At any rate another argument was that in the bible, it states if a man had to choose between his wife and child he should chose his wife, because they can always have another child. Another opinion was that the townspeople should have had faith that all would work out instead of giving up a child for the sake of the other’s lives.

Ok, so moving on…….we finally left and headed to the outlets for some shopping. I didn’t do too bad; I got a skirt suit, two pairs of slacks and a handbag. The handbag was purchased from BCBG for $20, it’s a cute bag I couldn’t pass up for the price.
We left the outlets and headed to the liquor store for some champagne for Sunday morning mimosa’s. But we made a pit stop in Marshall’s for jackets since the temperature was diving. And I found my blue pant suit. Next up was grub time……we headed to Outback steakhouse. After grubbing, we headed out to the casino in Charlestown. But we had an incident with a deer. The deer was well enough to run off into the woods and there was minimum damage to the car.

At the casino, I couldn’t remember the pin numbers for my atm cards, so I had no cash to play with resulting in a short time being spent there. Back at the house we sat around and chatted for about 2 more hours and finally called it a night about 3 am.

Sunday morning/afternoon we had breakfast about 2 pm and decided to watch a few movies. We saw Formula 51, some of Juno and Hard Candy. Hard Candy was too dang on drawn out for me. I think I fell asleep about 7 times and the movie was only 105 minutes. And I readily recall what it was about. Anyway, I got back on the road about 8 pm and was in the house by 9:55pm.

Hope you had a good weekend!

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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