Thursday Thirteen - 10th edition

Anticipating the next Spike joint……

Spike Lee’s new joint Miracle @ St. Anna opens tomorrow September 26. I’m not much in to war films, but I loves me some Spike, so I plan to see it.

And in honor of the new movie, I thought I’d do a Thursday thirteen on Spike Lee joint’s.

Here are my favorite Spike Lee (directed) movies:

1. School Daze – this movie came out the year before I graduated high school and had me highly anticipating college.

2. Do the Right Thing

3. Malcolm X

4. Jungle Fever

5. Mo Betta Blues

6. Inside Man

7. Clockers – two words: Mekhi Phifer, I loves me some him

8. He Got Game

9. Crooklyn

10. Get on the Bus

11. 4 Little Girls

12. When the Levees Broke (documentary)

13. She Hates Me
I didn’t really see She’s Gotta Have It. I did like Girl 6, oh and Original Kings of Comedy was funny as all get out, but it wasn’t really a movie so I didn’t add it to my list.

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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Opinionated Diva said...

As a Brooklynite, Crooklyn is one of my faves for obvious reasons and enjoyed all on your list.

I also liked 25th hour with Edward Norton and Rosario Dawson.