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Mister finally booked our anniversary trip last night. We’d put it off and toss ideas back and forth. Every time he found something, I’d start looking for something else. And that’s not to say the places he found were bad, just that nothing really excited me. Then funny enough, I came across only two places that excited me:

Temptation Resort & Spa - beachfront, all inclusive, 5 bars, 2 pools, 5 restaurants amongst other amenities. Since we don’t have kids yet, it would have been nice to not have to deal with anyone else’s while on vacation.

Golden Parnassus Resort & Spa - beachfront, all inclusive, 5 bars, 2 pools, 5 restaurants amongst other amenities, pretty much just like Temptation, but pricier.

Price ruled us out on both options. Both would have run about 1200 per person for 5 nights. Then I received an e-mail from apple vacations, and started checking there and came across reasonable options. In the end we booked thru a resort for a pacakage that includes roundtrip air and transfers as well as lodging.

This is the place we booked:

RIU Playacar - beachfront all inclusive resort offering a host of amenities.

We stayed at an RIU resort in Jamaica for our anniversary last year and was pleased, so that played a big part in choosing this resort. My only problem was the small shower/tub, it was smaller than the one I have at home. Otherwise everything was cool. The resort had various activities and the variety of food was sufficient for the pickiest eaters, namely myself.

So we are headed to Cancun Mexico for our anniversary.......I'm overly excited. I'll probably start packing next month. With the associated costs for extra luggage we plan to check in only one bag, and carry on two very small suitcases. And this will require some strategic planning.

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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Tony said...

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