A New BFF....seriously?

So I'm watching Making the Band on emptyTV, I mean MTV and a commerical comes on with Paris Hilton in a lounge chair saying something, then it cuts to bickering amongst some other chics, then cuts back to Paris, another shot of Paris saying something, then she says something to the effect of 18 applying, but only one can be her new BFF......WTF?

Really MTV is giving her a reality show in search of a new BFF?

Peace, Blessings and Laughs


The Socialite said...

Yeah I thought this was a crazy idea and was hoping that I didn't really understand the preview, and it was really about something else.

Are we really running out of good ieas for programs, or is it that American wants to watch crap like this?

The Socialite said...

Thank you! I am glad that you enjoy my blog...I will be checking your blog out on a regular now!!!