Disgusted then cool.....

I've been emailing back anf forth with a few gal pals. It's the norm fo us. But one of them forwarded a link to this video of these two little girls cussing up a storm. Now I couldn't get thru the entire video truth be told, I stopped after 10 secs........I'm so saddened, mad, angry and DIS.freaking.GUSTED by the video. I'm almost in tears at the fact that a grown azz woman thought it would be a cute idea to video these cute little girls cursing and carrying on as if they were adults.........when is that cool. Let me get this straight, you think it's ok for your 5-9 year daughter, niece or young cousin to use such language? They can barely even pronounce the words correctly......hands on their unformed hips? Get the freak outta here. That is not cool. And when the freak are we gonna realize that we need to be accountable for the actions of our youth. Everything these damn kids do out in the streets, guess what their little azzes probably got it from home, yep their parents. And if their parents aren't the source, I still blame them for not correcting that crap. If that was my niece I'd...........ok, I'm calm

Come on people, how can your daughter respect others if her own mother/aunt/older female relative think it's cute for them to act like some common little hoodrat, with a mouth as fowl as a 10 year navy veteran.

I'm done ranting because thanks to another friend of that came group of gal pals. She forwarded a video link or two links shall I say that have calmed the beast I became when I saw that damn video.

Here are the videos:

and then she sent this one:

Love is what we need, love for GOD so we can love ourself and then love others........

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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Anonymous said...

Greasy Choir Boi,

i feel ya on this blog...and i was totally feeling the videos too. We'll chat later...peace.

urs truely,
Shreiken Desperado