A Lazy Saturday

So here I am on a Saturday afternoon with not much to do. Maybe I should take that back. There are several things I could do:
Ø Homework – due tomorrow night by 11:45 pm
Ø Hair – I’m supposed to be going to a baby shower, and can’t readily go with my hair looking like this
Ø Washing clothes
Ø Eating
Ø Pedicure
Ø Finding something to wear for tonight – going to the club with hubby and his friends……
Ø Hair – oh I mentioned this already, but a second mention is needed since I REALLY need to do something to my hair.

I was up early this morning, thanks in part to my mother. I mentioned to her that I was going try to hit the track for some walking this morning. And she was my wake up call, a little earlier than I’d like. So I went to the track walked 4 laps, went to the library to return books and now I’m back home trying to figure out what to do……..

Ok, so I have some food cooking, plugged in the flat iron and put a load of clothes in the washer. My day is officially jumpstarted.

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