The Beginning......

ok, so I've done....finally started a blog that is. After reading several blogs for a few months now, I flirted with the idea of starting one myself.

So let me get the akward introduction out of the way. As my profile reads, my preference is to remain anonymous, at least for the time being. It's much easier to talk/write/type when you aren't afraid of who'll read. At any rate, so I'm married, comignup on three years now, with no kids. I am also pursuing my undergraduate degree, I take online classes. It's been a long journey and hopefully I'll be done by this time next year.

Let's see what else need I mention........oh why blog? Well, again after reading several blogs, I began to notice how some bloggers use their blogs to vent, and I aint made at them. So that's basically my reasoning. I do have a journal, and find it abit easier to type my rants, versus write them. But I'll continue to write in my journal as some things I don't want to mention here.

What else, the blog name......now that was hard. I had a very difficult time trying to come up with a name for this blog. I needed something that would be thought provoking, but simplistic. So the title evolved from other titles that included serenity, journey, happiness. But then I got emotional, and then it hit me. Cry and then Live.

So, BLOG WORLD, here I am.......

What I hope to accomplish by blogging? Well I hope to use this as a outlet for my emotions and things that happen in my life. Along the way, I hope I can pass on some wisdom, humor and advice.

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The Second Sixty-Eight said...

Welcome newbie! It is a rather rewarding experience! Not only might this happen: "Along the way, I hope I can pass on some wisdom, humor and advice." But it tends to come back your way too.

Okay, you explained your blog title. What about your screen name?