Tears to my eyes……..

I know Ty.ler Per.ry has been getting a bunch of flack as of later. But I just watched an episode of his show Ho.use of Pay.ne and I must say, while some think its coonery or not very entertaining I actually like the show. Most of the episode I’ve seen addressed an important issue. And the episode I just watched actually bought tears to my eyes.

You see, the daughter made some interesting comments about family reunions and sla.very. So Uncle and Aunt Pa.yne set about teaching her a lesson by making her do compile a family tree and other hard labor responsibilities. In the end, at the actual family reunion when technology failed, she was able to give a oral report on her family history.

Why was I misty eyed you might ask, well its like this: our fore.fathers and an.cestors endured so much that we now take for granted………COMPLETE and UTTER disregard to those who’ve paved the way, those they overlooked a lot so that we have the advantages and opportunities we have. So to see a young person acknowledge her family history…………well you get the picture.

Back to my posting hibernation!

Peace, Blessings and Laughs