To comply with my New Year resolutions to tried something new.........here’s what I did this weekend:

A few months back I signed up to volunteer for the A.vonWalk in DC. And this past weekend was said walk……..I was scheduled to report Saturday from 4 to 7pm and Sunday 12 to 4pm.

Well I showed up Saturday and it was indeed an experience to remember. There was so many people out and about participating in some capacity and it was great. Things looked very organized…….I drove up and they had people on the side of the roads to answer questions and direct those needing direction. When I walked into the park area there were areas for medical attention, massages and dining tent among other tents for services. I needed to make my way thru all the hoopla to the very edge of the activities to the visitor and volunteer tent where I signed a waiver and received my t-shirt. I was told I had one of two options: cheer on those participating as they came across the finish line or help put up tents. Um, yall know I chose option 1 right.

So with that I set off with my pink pom-pom to join the others waiting at the end of the finish line. Can I say the energy was um, interesting………I saw a few other volunteers, most of which looked to be waiting for someone in particular (which I later find out was indeed the case) But there were a few others that cheered on everyone and one person had a lonely cow bell, ROFL……..

I saw a total of two people that needed to be driven to the medical tent……..one lady behind me laid on the ground for well over 30 mins and before the little trolley car came to her aid. I really wonder if people prepared for the physical aspect of the event. Well at least there was medical staff in the vicinity to tend to her.

I over slept Sunday, so I didn’t make it out for my volunteer shift. Yeah I know shame on me!

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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