2010 - My Vision Board

Some girlfriends and I were discussing things we wanted to accomplish this year. And one of them mentioned her vision board. I’d heard/saw numerous blogs talking about vision boards and planned on doing one myself. So said girlfriends and I have all decided to each do one as a way of putting our desires out in the universe.

So I’m trying to think what all I want on my vision board. I came across some interesting articles. And in an effort to plan out my vision board I need to figure out a theme and what all I want my vision board to entail.

These are some things I’ll include:
*a graduate in cap and gown – cause yall KNOW the sista is doing the walk and graduating in May!
*a couple with a child – cause this is the year I’m claiming the start of a family.
*a new home – complete with furniture

Those are the three main areas I want to focus and concentrate on mostly. Maybe I should put something up there pertaining to paying off my credit card debt.

At any rate google actually has some samples:


Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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