Weekend recap

Hubby called about 5pm Friday to say he got tickets to the Wizards game, do I want to go. I hesitate, cause I don't like sports and I wasn't really up to dealing with the crowds. But I agree and we make plans for him to pick me up and then we'd look for parking and head on to the game.

I'm glad I went. The seats were decent, and the atmosphere was joyous. I barely knew what was going on and spent much of the time twittering......LOL. All of a sudden the crowd goes wild with applause, and I'm like what? What's going on, what happened? And guess who walks in.......our president. He left shortly before the game was over, but it was great to see him out and about with us regular folk.

Saturday was a busy one for me.......I didn't feel up to leaving the house but I had things to do. So I finally get out the door and the first stop was returning books to the library as I was on my way to Hubby's niece's bowling party. I stopped thru for a sec and chatted then move on to my next stop which was the beauty supply store and the GNC, then I hit up Walmart. My last stop for the day was to return the items I purchased a few days ago, you know the suit, jeans and sneakers for my niece. Yep I returned everything.

I need ti get home and dressed because I was attending a play at the suggestion of LBJ and then a party.

Sunday as I was resting from all the hectic Saturday, I get a call telling me a snow storm was coming. I got up and hit the Target and Shoppers and then it was back home for me.

We did get snow, but not enough to shut down the federal government. So I went to work......

Hope you had a good weekend!

Peace, Blessings and Laughs


tiltedhalo said...

How cool that the President was at the game! I know you're glad you went. Why'd you take back the nieces stuff, maybe I need to read back a few posts.

kisz4tj said...

Say what?? That's incredible.

LBJ said...

Hey there...I didn't even know you were at the B-Ball game the night before where you saw the real President, then you met the actor playing him the next night!

Thanks again for coming to the play!