Rite Aid is correct

Just before the pending snowstorm, I hit up the Rite Aid in my area for a few items; snacks to be exact. At any rate I got my items and got in line. I was immediately behind this young guy (Hoodie) who was accompanied by two other young guys (hat and no hat) and a young girl. So Hoodie is next and tells Hat to point out the cigars he's talking about to the sales clerk. Here's how the conversation went:

Sales clerk: I'll need to see everyone's ID
Hoodie: why? I'm paying.
Sales clerk: yeah, but he's telling you what to buy. I need to see ID from all of yall.
Hoodie: I'm 21
Hat: I'm over 21
No hat: I'm 18
Sales Clerk: ok, let me see some ID.
Hoodie shakes his head

So the lady goes and picks you the items the Hat pointed out, but then comes back and this is how it went:

Hoodie: look we're all over 18, let me go ahead and pay.
Hat pulls out his wallet and states: Oh, my ID is in the car
Sales clerk: well I'll hold these until you come back with that ID

Hoodie says something else and they all walk out.

I pay for my items and walk out, and guess what, they were no where around.

Those kids were putting that lady's job in jeopardy for some dang on fruit flavored cigars.....youngins don't give a flying crap about no one but themselves. They had no concept of how hard times are and what it might mean for that lady to sell those items to her.

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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tiltedhalo said...

I'm glad the clerk stood her ground. Times are hard and jobs are even harder to come by.