Still not spending.....

So last report was for Sunday with no plans on spending Monday. Well I'm glad to report that Monday was indeed a no spend day and like wise for Tuesday. Now Wednesday, well it was my grandmother's birthday. So for lunch I walked to CVS and purchased a card and a few snacks for a total of $6.13, so I'm still doing really well. Now today's my youngest niece birthday, and I wanted to go get her a card and a cupcake to take her tonight. I'm still up in the air about that. I might just do it this weekend instead.

My plans for the weekend include:

*reading school material - I still have six chapters to read in one book, case background info to read and begin report thats due 2/22, an article to read and prepare a response (extra credit), and begin working on my group project

*brunch sunday - my aunt wants the family to meet for a surprise birthday brunch for my grandmother, she's been really extra with the hints about her wanting to go to brunch

*niece birthday present - I just can't NOT get my niece something for her second birthday, so I'll hit the outlets for a few outfits and maybe a movie or toy for her

With Monday off, I'm hoping to get in some much needed house cleaning, rest, relaxtion and laundry.

Happy Thursday!

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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