I’m cool, are you cool? Anthony Hamilton cd review

Anthony Hamilton’s latest cd was released Tuesday 12/16/08 and being the fan I am, I had to go grab a copy. When I got to work Wednesday I put it on and with the exception of the first single nothing really stood out to me. But I had to give it a try, so when I got in the car that evening to drive out to Laurel, I popped it in the cd player and really gave it a listen.

The first song to grab my attention is track number 4: Diamond in the Rough. Anthony sings about meeting someone that has been thru some things and him wanting to make things better for her.

Next is track #5: I Did it For Sho, man I’ve been grooving…….the melody has me smiling……anyway it’s about him finding someone that give him those things he missed in his previous relationships. I can’t stop cheesing and bopping to this one, so it’ll stay on repeat in my cd player for a while. I think I’ll get niecey this weekend so she can dance with me; she likes to act silly with me. Yeah I know, that bit had nothing to do with the cd review.

The next attention grabber for me is # 10 – Falling in Love. When it first came on I immediately thought of the Temptations. And of course I’m bouncing to the catchy tune about his meeting someone and his being drawn to her and the feeling of love hitting him.

Track # 11 – Prayin’ For You/Superman – is a catchy tune that has me bouncing along, the tune reminds of the country and everyday items used as musical instruments. The track then switches to a bluesy melody that has me swaying right along with the music.

Tracks 12 & 13: Her Heart – an angelic tune about finding someone that has been there for him through the good and bad. Fine Again – a nice mellow tune about getting by and through those tough times.

It’s interesting that with this cd I’ve gravitated more to the up tempo tracks, when normally I prefer the ballads.

The cd also includes:
# 1 – The News
# 2 – Cool (first single)# 3 – The Day We Met
# 6 - Hard to Breathe
# 7 – Soul’s on Fire
# 8 – Please Stay# 9 – The Point of It All – title track
# 14 – She’s Gone (bonus track)

I’m sure as with his other cds, the more I listen they will ALL grow on me. But it’s definitely a keeper, if I had a mp3 player this entire cd would be in rotation.

Don’t take my word for it, go grab the cd and get Cool like Anthony Hamilton and I.

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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