Christmas TV Programs

Over the weekend I got the chance to see two holiday tv programs. Both aired on TV-1. The first, Santa Baby, had me singing all night long. My little cousin who was visiting was tired of the song by the time I took him back home.

At any rate it was an animated hour long show about the wish of this little girl. She saved a birdie from an accident or something and the birdie, the voice of Pattie LaBelle, granted her a wish. Her wish was for a hit song for her father. Her father is a song writer who is in need of a holiday song, and has been grumpy because he has been unable to compose one. So the birdie puts the father through some tasks, new job, volunteer services to name a few, all in the name of giving him a new outlook on the holiday and what it means. I won’t give away any more details, but I do encourage you to check your local listings to see if and when it will air again to tune in.

Next up was The Boy Who Loved Christmas. I missed the first 20 minutes, but it was a really cute story of a little boy who had been thru more than enough foster parents and finally lands with the perfect adoptive parents. Tragedy strikes the adoptive couple leaving only one parent, and social services had a problem with that. So the child is taken away from that stable environment and put back in the system only to be moved around again. Again, I won’t give away any more details; it was a really cute movie that had me tearing up.

I am so looking forward to watching more holiday programs………

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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