Decent weekend

I had a pretty decent weekend. I didn’t do anything Friday night, but Saturday I awoke with a list of tasks I wanted to complete. And first up was the post office to mail my holiday cards. Yeah, I know I’m late. I got to the post office and the stamp machine wasn’t working and the sales counters were closed. I was shocked to say the least, the busiest time of the year and no sales counters?

Next stop was the library. I had quite a few books on hold and needed to return two. I returned Secret Life of Bees even though I still hadn’t finished it, but someone else had reserved it so I had to return it. I did get to Keeping Misery Company by Michelle Larks. It was a really good book, had me all tearing up and what not. Moving right along…..I picked up 9 books and finished reading one of the books already. I read Just Too Good To Be True by E. Lynn Harris in two days.

So I’m thinking if I can read one book in a weekend, provided it was a page turner, I can get some serious reading done. Huh, I’ll have to keep that in mind. At any rate, my plans were to read three books over the course of this 5 week school break, so that’s two down and one to go. And the way it looks I’ll surpass that goal; I have 8 books at home and 6 more to pick up from the library. I wonder how many I can get thru.

Dang this will be sort of a long post……..

After the library I dropped the books off at home and grabbed the items I needed to return. I hit A. C. Moore to return an item and re-purchase with a coupon I had. Then my mother called with a gift suggestion for my step father, so I hit up the Best Buy and grab that. I ran into my mother at Kohl’s, she wants perfume by Gwen Stephani, where I grabbed a gift for my niece from my grandmother.

Next stop was Kmart to return a slew of items I had put on layaway for both nieces. And I go a few pairs of pants for my cousin’s baby as well. Then I headed to the grocery store for a book of stamps to mail the holiday cards, and then to the post office for mailing. I was back home by 6 and proceeded to read that book and couldn’t put it down until the wee hours of the morning.
Sunday, I just lounged for the morning. I was hoping my little cousin would call me to tell me he was going to church. That way he and I could have hung out for the rest of the day. But my mother in law called first, so she and I rolled out to Annapolis Mall. And as soon as I picker her up, my little cousin calls and asks me to pick him up. I agree to pick him up when I get back from the mall.

After my trip to the mall where the only gift I got out of the way was my great grandmother, I headed on over to pick my cousin up and we went to visit my maternal grandmother. We dropped off some wrapping paper and addressed some cards for her. The night ended with lil cuz and I hitting up Target, eating pizza rolls and me taking him home.
So yeah, I’d say I had a pretty decent weekend. I’m looking forward to this coming weekend already.

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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