Countless down with 5 to go.......

I can't believe I still have gifts to get........woo's me. I totally forgot about my younger cousins. So now I have them (3) and my step father and husband left. At least I have a general idea of what I'm getting. And it goes a lil sumtin like this:

Cuz A - gift card for Target
Cuz B - gift card for Bath & Body Works
lil Cub G - something Pooh bear
Stepfather - Omaha Steaks, from my oldest niece

Hubby - Omaha burgers; his gift is a ski trip, so I've booked the trip and will frame the printed reservations. But I want him to have something to unwrap for Christmas.

And I just thought about it, I guess I have to get something from my oldest niece for my mother, so I'll grab a gift basket from Bath & Body Works.

Dang, I need to $25 gifts for the white elephant gift exchaneg we do.........I wonder if I can skip out of here early today?????

Oh, and I decided to give my grandmother a 8x10 picture of my nieces, so I need a frame for that.

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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