Weekend Recap

My weekend was really cool…..I got in a lot of relaxation. Much more than I anticipated.

First up was Friday night’s party, I was the first one there……..and can I just say I was on my phone texting people like it was my party. I was too thru. Even the hostess was an hour late, and she had the nerve to say that she put 7:30 hoping people we arrive by 8 and she didn’t show up until 8:30. The birthday girl finally got there about 9:30………But it was cool, a real nice little spot just off the U Street corridor. Parking was a beast, but that’s DC for ya. At any rate I stayed much longer than I wanted to, because of all the late arrivals, and I missed Lipstick Jungle…….yeah I actually thought I could be home by 10 pm.

Saturday I attempted to sleep until 12, but that was halted about 9:30 when my stepmother called…….LOL. So, I got up and called for my niece who was over her grandmother’s house. I was told she’d call me in a few so that she could spend the day and night with me. Guess what, that call never came. Yeah and I was in the house until about 4. I finally left the house and headed to the library to pick up the second season of CSI (the original). I’m like really hooked on that show. Oh and Dexter, the showtime channel show on the forensics specialist that’s also a killer……..

At any rate I was on a hunt to find some Apple Cider packets. But to no avail.

And yesterday, again I was in the house until 4. I had to visit my oldest god child, she got all A’s and one B on her report card, so I needed to take her a card and gift card to reward her for the good effort in school.

After that I was headed back home for a visit from my father and step mother. They offered some insight on the family movement we’ve been trying to get together.

It seems I keep getting distracted from completing this post. So I’ll end it here and bid everyone a:


Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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