Just Lazy

I don’t have a real excuse for not posting much/anything these past few days/week. I did get caught with my high school reunion website, and then I got caught up with facebook. But to tell the truth, I could have actually blogged about those. And it’s not that I had a boat load of work to do either, I’ve just been lazy. Pure and simple. I caught the lazy spell right before the trip to Mexico and I just can’t shake it. I have so much to catch up on, but I’m stuck in this lazy rut.

I have a group project (for school) due Dec 7, and I’ve barely attempted to complete my portion. And guess when I am scheduled to take the final exam…………………yep Dec 7. I’ve lost my footing and now I have 12 days to catch up with 15 weeks of school material…….wish me luck.

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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