I need a change - 30 days of prayer

So much is going on around and with me these days that my head is spinning and I can barely complete a thought before I'm required to start something else. My stepmother passed last week, and that has rocked me to my core. Thankfully and gratefully I was able to visit with her for a short time a few days before she passed on. I could barely grieve because I had a surprise birthday party for my mother. And that's on top of regular life stuff and obstacles.

So here I sit with tears stingy my eyes typing this, my vow to set aside 10-15 mins everyday for the next 30 days for prayer. Of course I normally start my day with a quiet moment where I express my gratitude and thanks for having another day to get things right and learn something new. But with this I feel I need do and express more. The plan is to start a prayer journal, that way I can be as specific as I want with my prayers and can see what and when I've prayed for the things I need, want and desire.

And with that tonight's prayer will begin with change, I need things to change for me. I need my circumstances and situations to change. And I think the REAL change I need to take place will begin with an attitude change. I want so many things and I think I've concentrated so much on what I don't have that I've lost sight of what I do have. And as a result I'm losing appreciation for what I have.

And off I go to start the first entry to my prayer journal.

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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Joel said...

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