That’s not her……

I attempted to watch that video circulating with Ms.Maia.C, but I refuse to believe it’s her. My refusal is due in part to a few factors:

One – I just don’t think it looks like her, the quality of the video is not all that great

Two – I can’t believe that a brother would video that and exploit her in that manner.

Third – I don’t want to believe it’s her!

So, I’ve seen a few rebuttal videos regarding the video in question as well as blogs about it. And in my daily perusing of blogs I came across a blog with a link suggesting bloggers do some research on Maia and mental illness before commenter. And while I had no intention of commenting I thought the suggestion to research was a good idea. I also hear Ms.Maia.C’s mother, the late BeBe Camp.bell’s book entitled 72 hour hold is based on the experience of a mother going thru the struggle with a child who suffers from mental illness. So, I’ve decided to read the book, not that it's a alternative to the research but I like to read, so why not read this one.

Again, not that I believe or even want to believe that there is an ounce of truth in that video I just think instead of pulling her down any further or participating in her down fall, we need to educate ourselves, tell the entire truth, and/or leave it alone. There are countless rumor mills and gossip columns doing enough of exploring and exploiting celebrity lives, no need to add to it.

“When you don't value yourself, you violate yourself!
God is Love Rev Run”

Peace, Blessings and Laughs


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