Change the name, PLEASE!

Ok so I’ve been married for almost 4 years now and I’ve resided in my current residence for 5 years now. Please tell me why my home warranty company still has my maiden name on the account??????

I’ve renewed said policy 4 times, the first two times I mailed in a check with a copy of my marriage certificate and driver’s license with a letter requesting that the last name be changed…….so why am I on hold with someone now who’s telling me I need to send in the exact same information that I’ve sent in on two different occasions.

Apparently, I’m calling the corporate office and the documentation I sent in was to a local office. So she’s trying to get ahold of someone at the local office to which my renewal information (and name change request) was sent to.

Again, he’s apologizing…….ok, now someone else is apologizing. I’m glad I’m not all uptight about it……..but this is one of those tedious tasks that irks me….because I took time out of to be proactive in requesting the name change as well as submitting the supporting documentation that proves the name change, but the request is over looked.

In the end dude is very apologetic and is going to change the name without me needing to resubmit further documentation.

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Anonymous said...

I heard when a woman changes her name it is a pain to have so many of documents put in her marriage name. I witnessed this with my first and only wife. After she and I divorced, she wanted to keep my last name because it would be too hassle for her to go through the process of changing all of her documents back to her maiden name so I was nice enough to let her keep it.