Bad Me.....

Hey blogland, I see it's been a real minute since I posted anything. Actually this will have to be short as well. You know how life is, things come up and I haven't been good at juggling things. In fact, I'M A MESS..............there's so much going on. Here's a break down:

Work - just when I think I have some free time to work on something, I get caught up in something else, more specifically something not as important as the other things that need my attention and time.

School - As I've stated in the past I'm a huge procrastinator. And remember that paper that was due 4/5 and I waited until 4/3 to start, well here are the results:

Third Case Study
4/5/09 18:09:53
Very good paper. The detailed analysis of the transactions was excellent. Further discussion about the apparent weaknesses in internal control and the questionable change in equipment vendors would strengthen the paper.

And will guess what I have another paper due 4/19 and I have yet to start that. Most of the research is done, but I still have to read what I have and at least do a tenative outline by the end of the day. At least this class is almost over.......then I can relax for all of a week or two before summer classes start up, then it's back to the grind for me. I'm determined to finish by the end of the year, even though I wont be able to walk until May 2010.

Family Reunion Planning - actually the only reason this is listed is because we are having a fundraiser event this evening. We've been racking our brains trying to find ways to get the family back into paying the dues so we can finalize the plans for our August reunion. And some how we decided to have a happy hour and sell appetizers; then we expanded that idea to include card games. So wish me luck with this.

High School Reunion - I need to lose some pounds and get in shape. Did I mention the cost? $110 per person. And it's actually the same weekend as my family reunion. So I wont be attending the sunday festivities (family reunion is that day), but I'm really looking forward to the meet and greet Friday night as well as the formal dinner Saturday night.

Home front - the new carpet has been in for a little over a month now and I still haven't began to look for someone to change the lighting fixtures. Nor have found a table.

At any rate, I'm gonna do better. I'm gonna get back into writing lists of things that need to be done and due dates.

Dang, I said it would be short, but looks like I had a little something to say huh.......

Happy Friday and have a GREAT weekend!

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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